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A free video course for building static and server-side rendered applications with Next.js and React.

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You need a framework that evolves.

As your React application scales and requirements change, you need a framework that you can depend on. Next.js allows you to seamlessly merge static sites, pre-rendered pages, and serverless functions.

No wonder ~30% of React developers choose Next.js.

  • Blazing-fast Jamstack sites
  • Server-rendered pages
  • Zero-config TypeScript
  • Fully extensible

Hundreds of customers, thousands of views.

After teaching hundreds of developers around the world, I've made this course free. Why? Learning Next.js will transform your career as a front-end developer.

With almost five hours of content, this course will kickstart your career as a modern front-end developer. If you're familiar with basic HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and React – you've found the right course.

  1. Beginner Friendly
  2. Open-Source Code
  3. High-Quality Video & Audio

Course Overview

All videos are 100% free. If you'd like to support me, you can pay-what-you-want on Gumroad or check out my new course React 2025.



Learn about the fundamentals of Next.js and how it compares to Gatsby and Create React App.

React Overview


A quick refresher on props and state, classes vs. functional components, and React Hooks.

Developing Locally


Install Next.js and get it running locally, with thoughts about linting and formatting.

Navigating Between Pages


Learn how to make client-side transitions between pages and fetch data from URLs.



Configure CSS, Sass, or CSS-in-JS, while discussing responsive and mobile-first design.

Fetching Data


Ditch your custom server for API Routes with Hasura and GraphQL.

Managing Assets and SEO


Handle image compression, optimization, and learn about meta tags and the open-graph schema.

Building A Blog With MDX


Hands-on example building an MDX blog and using StaticKit and Theme UI.



Learn about JWTs and pros/cons between Auth0 and Firebase. Build login and sign-up pages.

Testing & Error Handling


Testing best practices with React Testing Library and handling errors with Sentry.

State Management & More


Should I use Redux or React Context? Plus, configuring TypeScript and more.

Exporting & Deployment


Ship your application with Vercel or Netlify and learn about pre-rendering and serverless functions.

Static Sites with Next.js 9.3


Build a static site backed by a Prisma database in this complete tutorial.

What people are saying.

"Lee is an awesome teacher and I really enjoyed taking this course. It not only touches on the core of Next.js, but also broader concepts like TypeScript, testing and authentication. Videos are great quality and good length. I would definitely recommend to both newcomers to Next.js as well as to people who want to sharpen themselves on the Next.js fundamentals." –– Maurits Misana

Mastering Next.js

"Not only did I enjoy your Mastering Next.js course, but I learned many things entirely new to me. This course opened my eyes to what's possible and what you can achieve with these technologies." –– José Llamas

Mastering Next.js

Want more? Learn more about my new course React 2025.

I'm Lee Robinson –– developer, writer, and the creator of Mastering Next.js and React 2025.

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