Mastering Next.js

Hey, everyone! 👋 I'm Lee, the creator of Mastering Next.js. This course was originally released in 2019. Next.js has evolved quite a bit since v9 and some of this course is officially "outdated".

I've updated the course overview below to annotate which parts are up to date, which have changed, and what my new suggestions are. In my opinion, this is the ideal way to evolve this course. The videos will serve as a reference to a point in time, but newer additions to the framework make certain aspects much easier.


React Overview

I taught Class Components in 2019 for those still in the process of converting to React Hooks. In 2021, it's now standard to use React Hooks for all projects and I would recommend starting there.

Developing Locally


Fetching Data

Managing Assets and SEO

Building A Blog With MDX


Testing & Error Handling

State Management & More

Exporting & Deployment